We want to make letting go as easy as possible with our streamlined return process. Since another little girl may be waiting for your items to arrive on her doorstep shortly after you’ve used them, returning items on time is incredibly important.

Returns in three easy steps.

Step 1: 

When it's time to return your garments, simply pop the used and unwashed garments (this part is important) back in the organza garment bag and in the courier satchel they arrived in. Use the pre-printed return courier label that came included with the garment and choose if you'd like the convenience of a pickup from home or would prefer to drop off to a NZ Post Shop.

Step 2:

To book a pickup: complete a Book a Pickup request by midday on the last day of your rental, use the courier ticket number printed on the return label and complete the form and "Book Pickup". Make sure satchel is closed and has return courier label stuck on it.

To drop off: simply drop the satchel into any NZ Post Shop by 5pm on the last day of the rental.

Please make sure your return is lodged before the deadlines above to avoid pesky late fees. No one likes those, including us :(

Step 3:

We'll be alerted when the garment is lodged so we can track it's way back to us. Once home, we do a quality checkover and will get in touch if anything looks a bit out of sorts. 

Then we send them off for cleaning to make sure they are ready for the next adventure!

** Lost return labels

If you’ve misplaced the return courier label, please email us as soon as possible so we can generate and email you a new one for you to print at home, at no extra charge. You can simply tape to the satchel and carry on.

If you don't have a printer handy, we can still sort this for you for a $25 charge which covers the fee we're charged by NZ Post. In this case, we'll email you a courier reference number and address for you to write in a piece of paper and tape to the satchel, or directly on the satchel if all else fails.

If you run into any troubles, please make sure you get in touch as soon as you can and we'll do our very best to help. Always :)