consignment service

We’ll rent your items out on your behalf and split the earnings with you.

Who hasn't cleared out their children's wardrobe only to discover clothing, still with tags on?

Perhaps it didn't fit, didn't suit or just wasn't love. Or perhaps your little princess got one wear out of it before it was stored away for safe keeping and...forgotten. 

Now you can use our consignment service to give that garment a second life, and a third, and a fourth, and a f...

How it works

Step 1

Submit an enquiry below.

We love details, so make sure to include as much information about your garment as possible including the brand, age, condition and purchase price. We'll get in touch and if accepted will ask you to send your items to our warehouse. We'll check it over and if everything is great, add it to our collection and let you know when the listing is live on our store. 

Step 2

We take care of everything.

We care for your garment like it's our own; manage the cleaning, photography, pricing, cataloging, marketing, bookings, payments, protective packaging, shipping...everything.

We split the profit from the rental fee and you earn your share each time your garment is booked. 

Step 3

Sit back, relax, your garment is in good hands.

You're welcome to check in on your item via your personal portal and withdraw your earnings at any time.

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We're all about building sustainable relationships. That's kind of our thing.

Some reasonable terms and conditions apply so please make sure you're happy with them.

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We buy

We also buy pre-loved couture garments so if you would prefer to sell get in touch with us.

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