Life isn't a fairy tale for everyone. 
Let's change that.

charitable partnerships

We would also love to partner with photographers working with children who have special needs or wouldn’t typically have the opportunity to wear these types of outfits.

We are currently accepting applications from photographers who would like to partner with us to brighten someone’s day and create special memories to cherish in the process. Fairy Godmother will provide outfits and accessories free of charge to use in these community outreach shoots.

We are excited about these partnerships and look forward to seeing the memories that are created!



Complete the application (here) at least two weeks prior to event. We only have a set number of partnerships available each year, so the sooner we receive an application, the better the chance for being chosen.


Photographer will be responsible for courier costs (only overnight shipping available if order is placed 3-5 days prior to event) and still be expected to observe terms of service.


Please share photos from shoot with Fairy Godmother, credit and tag #hellofairygodmother on social media posts where applicable.


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