Care Instructions

Your garment makes a little journey to get to you so may arrive with a few wrinkles or creases. As many of our dresses are created with delicate or fragile materials, here are some tips on the best way to get them looking picture perfect without damaging them in the process.


It may tempting to clean a garment, but please hold back the urge :)

It may make you nervous about returning garments unclean (we're mums too, we get it), but let us worry about that. We also understand life can be messy and dirt happens! Our garments need a lot of love to live their best life so we know how best to care for and remove any dirt and marks while minimising damage or discoloration.

Sever staining and damage is a bit of of another story, so we do trust you to do your best to look after the garments as you would your own. And please do make sure you are familiar with our terms of service in the rare event that a dress meets it's end :(


Steaming your tutu is the best way to remove wrinkles or creases. Because most tutus have additional embellishments that can melt under extreme heat, our preferred (and easiest) method is to hang the dress in the bathroom while a hot shower is running is another easy way to work out the wrinkles. If you do have a steamer, we ask that you only use the lowest heat setting. And please never use an iron on the tulle or embellishments. 


Cotton dresses can also be steamed, but if they don’t have any sequins or embellishments on them then using an iron on a low heat and over a cheesecloth or towel is fine. For any dresses made from fragile materials such as organza we recommend steaming them as above.

Hair Accessories:

Many of our hair accessories are fragile. We do our best to package them with care so that they will not be damaged in route. If an embellishment does come lose during it's trip, please keep it save and remember to include it when you return so we can get it repaired.

Sunhats & Trilbys

Please do not use any heat or water on any of the hats as these are fabricated out of paper may melt the material or compromise the shape. If something needs a wipe, simply dab with a damp cloth.