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Couture rental for your little prince or princess

Every little person deserves to feel like a prince or princess and it doesn't have to cost the Earth. We curate a special collection of children's couture for hire, adding a little magic to any occasion. Whether that's a birthday, wedding, photoshoot or just a weekday that could do with some.

Your Fairy Godmother

We aim to expand the lifespan of each garment, to keep and share them for the maximum number of times, and just maybe, a lifetime.


We choose reusable and compostable courier satchels, labels, stickers and paper. Plus any inks we use are soy based and labels are thermal printed. Waterproof and strong, our satchels behave just like plastic except when they've done their dash, they biodegrade right at home in 3-6 months.


We use the latest technology in dry cleaning that is solvent free, giving the safest and highest quality clean with the most environmentally friendly approach.


Our carbon friendly cart helps reduce the environmental impact of your rental by supporting forest regeneration, conservation, biodiversity and clean energy projects here at home and abroad.


We make it easy to say goodbye too. We include a personalised letter from Fairy Godmother explaining the magic of sharing as another little person awaits their turn to become a prince or princess. Written on our hand made seed paper that's irresistible to monarch butterflies, it also creates a beautiful opportunity to get some little green thumbs in the garden to create some real magic of their own.


why choose us?

That's easy, for them...

The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year and our children are set to inherit a planet with significant environmental debt due, in part to this fashion waste.

At Fairy Godmother, we believe there has to be a better way and that we don't have to compromise Mother Earth to foster the magic of childhood. Hiring from our curated range of couture clothing is a great way to save this environmental, financial and emotional waste.

Fairy Dust

Collect and save

Time, stress, energy, space, money and the planet; we love saving it all! Save even more when you start collecting fairy dust.
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